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Let’s talk tents! When you think of throwing a private party, non-profit function, or corporate event, it’s easy to limit your search to existing venues. While you can still throw a great get-together in an existing venue, renting a catering hall, hotel, restaurant, or club comes with limitations.

On the flip side, tents provide everything you need to hold a successful event, party, or outing. Here are our favorite reasons why you should consider renting a tent for your next event.

tent rental for event

1. Tent Rentals Give You Complete Control Over Venue Size

Don’t want to worry about packing a lot of people in a small room, or paying for too large a space for your party? Just pick a tent, big or small, depending on the size of your party, and voila! The exact right size event space for the right amount of people.

2. Holding Your Event in a Tent Gives You Total Control of the View

Existing venues can’t help but influence the style of your event—but, what if you don’t live in an area with architecture that suits your fancy? From high-class glamour to rustic Wild West, a tent allows your style to be as unique as the glamping backdrop you choose.

Want guests to gather around firepits while watching the desert sunset? Done! Enjoy a view of a sea of vineyard vines… or, even the actual sea? Pitch a tent next to your favorite view!

In short, renting a tent for your event gives you total control over the location and backdrop, an even opens up your options to include private land. Now, doesn’t that sound more appealing than a golf green or adjacent parking lot?

clear tent rental

Speaking of views, clear bubble tents allow guests to view more than the surrounding landscape. Rent a clear tent for your next major bash and enjoy glorious spring scenery throughout the day. Alternately, you can hold your event in the evening and dine and dance the night away under the stars. Enjoy the snugness of a comfortable enclosure while viewing the night sky or sparkling cityscape! A clear tent lets you fully enjoy the outdoors without dealing with any unpleasantness that sometimes comes with it.

private tent rental

3. Well-Designed Tent Space Will Keep You Comfortable in Any Climate

Shield yourself from all weather conditions, no matter the season. If it’s hot and sticky outside with the sun burning down, meticulously placed fans can direct a pleasant breeze while canvas blocks your guests from the son.

Or, what if it’s cold and blustery?  A well-designed tent space will keep you warm and protected—even from the rain! Invite guests to convene around gas firepits and gather in thoughtfully designed nooks in-between detours to the bar or dance floor.

rent a tent for private party

4. A Tent is Fully Customizable

If you want to hang banners up or decorate specifically for a certain event, you’ll find that tents have few limitations. A totally unique gathering space, tents can include dance floors, bars, lounges, and dining areas.

Don’t have enough room? Link together two tents for larger events! Capable of accommodating many guests, tents feel spacious and connected to the surrounding landscape. And, unlike the rigid space offered by existing venues, tents offer you total flexibility when prepping for your event guests.

Have Questions About Renting a Tent for Your Next Event?

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