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Throwing a New Year’s Eve party? There’s no need to stress—or spend a fortune! The same tricks that we use to pull together a polished event space can help easily spruce up your home. Here are six of our best party tips for throwing a stress-free New Year’s Eve shin-dig:

New Year’s Eve Party Tip #1: Set the Scene

If you can choose which area of your home to use for your party in advance, you’re already at an advantage. Arrange furniture so that guests can move about easily, clearing out extra pieces if necessary. Although most will be mingling, it’s safe to assume that about 15% of a group will be seated at any given time, so be sure to set-up conversation nooks that aren’t directly impeding on major walkways to avoid chair-wrangling mid-fête.

And, don’t forget to scatter a few, small end tables where guests can place their glasses or set down a plate mid-snack.

Finally, if you’re expecting more guests than can easily move to and from your kitchen, set up a sanitation station on the periphery to allow for easy storage of used dishes, and disposal of any trash.

New Year’s Eve Party Tip #2: Set-Up an Open Bar

To keep guests in the mood (and out of your kitchen) consider renting a free-standing bar and stocking the area with everything necessary to shake, stir, and serve libations.

New Year’s Eve Party Tip #3: Manage the Mood Lighting

Turn off your bright overhead lighting and use amber votive holders, which give off a warm glow. Decorate with metallic accents—they’re instantly festive and bounce light around. Tape light and dimmer switches in place so guests won’t lean on them and ruin the vibe. Want a low-key fabulous way to decorate outside with minimal effort? Check out our glowing LED Pool Orbs, LED Cubes, or other assorted lighting for rent to create sparkle wherever it’s needed.

New Year’s Eve Party Tip #4: Dim the Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than having a perfectly enjoyable evening come to a screeching halt as you examine your reflection under super-bright bathroom lights. That’s why, if possible, dimming your bathroom helps guests avoid the shock of bright bulbs when they step into your powder room. Feeling extra creative? Write festive messages on the mirror with a whiteboard pen!

New Year’s Eve Party Tip #5: Use Holiday Decorations to Your Advantage

Worried your place settings appear a little bare? Forget buying fancy table decor when you’ve got a house full of holiday sparkle! To create a dazzling table display, we suggest cinching napkins with a string, then decorating each place setting with an ornament from your existing collection (or just pluck a few off your tree).

New Year’s Eve Party Tip #6: Allow Your Guests to DJ

Nervous about picking the perfect playlist? There’s no need to let coworkers in on your secret love of ABBA! Instead, write your wifi and any connectivity info (such as a Bluetooth device name) in an easy-to-spot location, and invite guests to take turns DJing from their own phones. Plenty of people love playing mixmaster, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about managing.

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