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We often get asked what our favorite piece in the entire collection is. To be honest, there are too many to pick just one! Each of our #RentalHaus items are unique and special. But there is one category of inventory that we can all agree deserves a spotlight as the foundation for any event, conference, or party decor – SEATING!

event rental chairs

Our seating collection has grown over the years, and we love that we have so many different styles and colors to choose from. However, when you’re planning to accommodate a large crowd, nothing quite beats the convenience of simple, stackable chairs. But, convenience doesn’t have to be boring! Here’s just a glimpse of our favorite, super-fresh stackable party seats that are available to rent:

event rental chairs

A Basic Stackable Event Rental Chairs in Bright, Bold Hues

Are you struggling to plan guest seating at your next event or conference seating? Our classic Mission rental chairs are available in a rainbow of 15 different colors! With such a wide range to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one that positively complements your event, meeting, or conference decor. Can’t decide between all of the Mission rental chair’s many gorgeous colors? Who says you have to stick to just one!

event rental chairs

Some of our favorite examples of stellar event seating have mixed and matched two or more contrasting seat colors to make a big impact with minimal effort. Or, you could take a cue from the above image and select chairs in several tones and shades from within the same color family, creating an ombre effect that ranges from deeply saturated to barely-there.

If you love the idea of pairing two or more colors but aren’t sure which color combinations to create (or avoid), check out these tips from our design team:

  • Blue is also highly versatile when it comes to color pairing. That means that, depending on the shade, it goes well with neutral shades and natural materials and looks incredible when complemented by almost any other vibrant tone.
  • A soft, pale pink creates a soothing, airy and even whimsical feel. While we might tend to think of pairing it with lighter, pastel or more neutral tones, it’s actually highly versatile and goes beautifully with vibrant colors, especially jewel tones.
  • Brighter pinks feel energized and lighthearted and create a warm, lovely and inviting space. They go well with white, black and gray. They also look gorgeous when complemented by pastels and they work with many bright colors — even red!
  • If you’re looking to inspire a calmer and cozier feel, think green for your rental seating. Because we associate this color with the natural world, it helps us feel more relaxed and at ease when used in the home. Emerald green goes well with other vibrant colors — pink, blue and yellow — and looks particularly striking with white and black.
  • Modern-day yellows are far from boring. They come in vibrant sunshine yellow, soft and lovely buttercup and contemporary mustard shades, to name just a few. While the color looks sleek and clean with neutrals such as white and black. You can also pair modern yellows with bright colors such as coral, blue and green.

Pro Tip: The more colorful chair rental options you choose, the more amped up and energetic the space will appear. To keep a multi-color seating from looking overwhelmingly busy, create ample white space on tabletops, and use color sparingly throughout the rest of your event space decor.

event rental chairs

A Black Stackable Event Rental Chairs with an Elegant Twist

Bold color might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes rental seating and decor. That’s why we also wanted to highlight the striking structure of our modern Maven rental chairs. Just as simple to stack up and store as an average folding chair, the Maven is perfect for meetings, conferences, and events that need a little extra oomph of style.

event rental chairs

Interested in Renting Chairs for Your Next Event?

From neutral to non-traditional – we have stackable seating styles and colors to complete any design! Learn more about our inventory and how to reserve items for your next event by reaching out to our design consultants today.

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